We apply our deep knowledge in the food business with technology to provide solutions in product innovation and food safety in all elements from farm-to-fork.

Food Technology Innovation

Food Safety

Our History

Food Technology Innovation

At The Vista Institute our focus is to commercialize products and technology that deliver safe and superior direct and indirect consumer experiences; in so doing, achieving mutual commercial success for us and our business partners.

We find solutions by intersecting our food science knowledge with commercial realities. Our social psychologists work closely with our food scientists to deliver powerful consumer-based propositions.

We combine our food safety focus with our “dirt-under-our-fingernails” food industry experience to create and develop innovative solutions. Then we develop ways to insulate or protect these innovative solutions.

We have developed solutions in the following categories:

  • • Fresh produce
  • • Bakery
  • • Legumes
  • • Beverages
  • • Main Meals
  • • Sides
  • • Snacks
  • • Supplements

We continually seek to develop creative and innovative new technology solutions for the food industry. This continual search leads to advances and patented products and processes available for license. In addition to our own efforts, we are selected by companies to solve their specific technology and food development challenges.

We have patented and patent-pending processes and technologies in:

  • • Packaging
  • • Processing
  • • Gluten-free
  • • Healthy/nutritious new product formulations
  • • Food safety

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Food Safety

Everything we do at The Vista Institute stems from our deep experience in and concern for food safety.

We provide individually tailored food safety consulting services ranging from risk assessment, quality assurance, traceability, regulatory compliance verification, and crisis preparation, management and communication. We provide food safety solutions to clients across the US and Canada.

We have developed:

  • • Web-based tools for government and industry that enables rapid response to food safety and food defense incidences
  • • Breakthrough cloud-based total performance platform that manages safety, quality and productivity in food and non-food operations
  • • Product-specific food safety system for fresh produce
  • • Brand protection and safe-to-the-source processes
  • • In addition, through our work on government committees, we have helped shape selected government regulations.

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Our History

We know food.  We’ve built our careers, our businesses, our lives, around food and food-related technologies.  We have a passion for food and that passion drives us to create new and better ways of growing, producing, developing, packaging, distributing and consuming food.  We know how to find and select the right seeds; how to grow, harvest, process, package, and distribute; we know product development and innovation, product safety, product testing, and product marketing; and we know the importance of product protection and insulation against competition. We are immersed in all elements from farm-to-fork.

Our senior executives have dirt-under-their-fingernails experience in the processed food and fresh produce industries from agricultural research programs and seed breeding to expertise with growers, shippers and processors to developing products and bringing them to market. Our team has degrees in microbiology, civil engineering, food science and psychology with experience gained at General Mills, Pillsbury, Land O Lakes, Haagen-Dazs, the Paul Ecke Ranch, Bumble Bee, Van de Kamps, DecoPak, Potandon Produce, Colorful Harvest and the University of Minnesota. Our executives have served on high level boards including the U.S. FDA’s Science Board along with numerous other FDA, USDA, NIH, NSF, NAS, NRC, and IOM advisory boards. Executive team members also hold numerous U.S. patents in food processing, formulation and packaging as well as having extensive published works.

The Vista Institute

We seek creative approaches in developing solutions. We are a nimble, entrepreneurial organization of highly creative and experienced professionals.  We have a broad network of collaborative on-call specialists and we adopt a “disruptive innovation” mantra.  We have successfully launched and managed “skunk works” teams at Haagen Dazs, Land O’ Lakes and McDonalds.  We have an impressive track record of establishing successful new businesses in the fresh produce industry and we commercialize our own brands and products.

BT Safety

BTSafety, the precursor company to The Vista Institute, conceived and developed a web-based food risk assessment tool and food event simulator for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The tool has been made available to the National Center for Food Protection and Defense at the University of Minnesota where it can be used by industry and academia for food safety and food defense training purposes (see https://foodshield.connectsolutions.com/p19223233/?launcher=false&fcsContent=true&pbMode=normal).
We also developed a comprehensive cloud-based total performance platform (e.g., Shepherd) that utilizes smart handheld devices with customized applications and communication in real time to manage safety, quality and productivity in food and non-food operations.