Our team of food scientists, food safety experts, brand innovators and technologists have the curiosity, experience and network to create food safety and development solutions for your business.

Jeffrey Sholl, Ph.D., Chairman

· More than 40 years experience in the processed food and fresh produce industries developing products and bringing them to market.
· Numerous patents in food, software and processing.
· Successfully introduced national brand licensing to fresh produce.
· Long-standing expertise with growers, shippers and processors of fresh produce.
· Thorough understanding of food distribution chain and logistical issues that can arise during recalls.
· Conceived and developed food contamination simulation model for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
· Held senior leadership positions including CEO, Colorful Harvest; CEO, Potandon Produce; CEO, Green Giant Fresh; as well as senior management positions at Pillsbury, Haagen-Dazs and the Paul Ecke Ranch.

Susan Harlander, Ph.D., Food Scientist

· More than 30 years experience in food science and the food industry.
· Former University of Minnesota professor of food microbiology and biotechnology with extensive research, publications and public outreach.
· Served on U.S. FDA’s Science Board, along with numerous other FDA, USDA, NIH, NSF, NAS, NRC, and IOM advisory boards.
· Senior R&D leadership positions at Land O’Lakes and The Pillsbury Company.
· Principal of BTSafety and co-developer of risk assessment models on intentional food contamination for FDA and DHS.
· Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists
· Extensive experience in managing agricultural research programs for marker assisted plant breeding, chemical use optimization and seed variety selection.

Dennis Lonergan, Ph.D., Food Development

  • · More than 30 years of experience in food product and technology development with degrees in microbiology, civil engineering and food science.
    · Holds 16 U.S. patents in the area of food technology
    · Director of Strategic Technology Development at Pillsbury and General Mills
    · VP & Director of Technology for Bumble Bee and Van de Kamp’s Seafood
    · Successfully commercialized gluten-free cereal and has a personal passion for developing technology to improve gluten-free products

Dwight Jewson, Ph.D., Social Psychologist

· Ph.D. in Psychology, broad experience with Fortune 500 companies, Brands and organizations for the past 35 years.
· Widely known expertise in Brand Marketing strategy and positioning development.
· Specializes in end-to-end brand management from articulation of brand identity through comprehensive implementation strategies.

Tina McKenna

· More than 30years of experience in business development and leadership in Canada and the USA with degrees in food science and advertising.
· 17+ years with DecoPac, Inc. growing both revenue and profits more than fivefold and building teams both in the US and UK.
· Experience in marketing and business development with Nestle Canada, Pillsbury Canada and US.
· Currently sits on the Advisory Board for Len Busch Roses, a Minneapolis grower of fresh flowers.
· Held a seat on the Board of Directors for the International Dairy, Deli and Bakery Association.

Board of Directors

Jeffrey Sholl, Ph.D., Chairman

Susan Harlander, Ph.D., Director

Lester M. Crawford
, Ph.D., Senior Counsel, Policy Directions Inc.; Former Commissioner at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Dwight Jewson, Ph.D., President, Strategic Frameworking, Inc.

Tina McKenna, Director

Trudy Rautio, President and CEO, Carlson Companies